Yo. I'm Vanessa. I am quite fond of anime. As is clearly observed on my blog.

That being said, I found this would be a good outlet for my sexual frustration directed toward men in a realm outside that of reality. So you may find that I will post some yaoi, just any photos of remotely nude men or anything else I see fit to post. If any nudity at all bothers you then too bad. :]

Note: I am not the artist of any of these photos, I take no credit for them. I merely appreciate the beauty of the art form of anime and appreciate the artistry and talent of those who create these characters.

Warning: I may use foul, or explicitly sexual language. Such is my nature. I cannot help it. If you take offense to it at all, I would suggest not reading anything here. I would also suggest not looking at anything on here because I will also post sexually explicit material to accompany my sexually explicit language. This is not the blog for you if you're offended by any such things.

I've got an obsession, this is my outlet.

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